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Rosebud2018's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Birth Date:
Oct. 1, 1970
Interested In:
District of Columbia, United States
Last Broadcast:
3 weeks, 5 days
Body Type:
soft but athletic
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Body Decorations:
tat, hairy kitty and I love it
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About Me:

I'm a MILF, Older woman, but something happened when I hit my 40's... Unfortunately, having sex when I want isn't always convenient so....admittedly, I've become a chronic masturbator, I try to stop, really I do and I can if I feel guilty enough about the time I've wasted doing nothing but stimulating myself. But, if you are a chronic masturbator, addicted to touching yourself, pleasing yourself, you know that you will ultimately go back.

For me the urge is very strong and dually it's such a stress reliever. When I masturbate, I feel most in touch with my base self. It starts with a little pang and then I turn on the computer. I start with the porn I last looked at, and then that's not enough, so I start searching darker. Oddly enough, I don't want immediate gratification. I like to prolong it. I find it such an accomplishment to find that I started at sundown and all of a sudden daybreak is happening.

That said, this has become enough of a problem that it has affected how I schedule my day. as mentioned, I am constantly on the look out for the bigger better thing. I love when I come across some new genre of porn that I've not heard about. Recently, I found a category for extreme clit sucking. My preference is men but I must admit, it got me hot.

Mutual masturbation and sharing stories with a guest that just masturbates himself in front of me is a huge turn on, I am a voyeur at heart and enjoy watching porn where a man edges and pre-cums endlessly. If I see a public bulge, I will take a mental picture and find the nearest place where I can satisfy myself. Porno of restroom wanks I absolutely love, and if I see a drop of semen seep through a gentleman's trousers, instant saturation.
What else do I like, I like my ass being eaten and if a load has been blown on me, well that "HE" needs to cleans me up. I have pretty much done it all - but lately I have had a cuckold fantasy, just have to find the cuck and the buck.

We have one life to live why not experience as much as you can without hurting others.

The other likes are pretty bizarre to most people so I usually don't lay everything out but I will say that I like things that are considered taboo, alternative, left of center, I have fetishes that most will never know. There are porno/real life scenes that make me respond just the knowing that they are "bad" makes my body leak, perk up and harden at the thought. And of course that in turn causes me shame which turns me on, so erotic but after I orgasm, I feel guilty. Until I start up again.
Love being told deep dark sexual secrets. Shhh, I won't tell. And I bet mine are darker...